5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Baby Carrier

baby carrier hiking

If you are purchasing a baby carrier then you may feel overwhelmed by the many choices out there. There are lots of great choices out there and there is no one-sized fits all carrier. It all depends on your wants and needs. Here are 5 things to consider:

What will you use it for?

If you plan to use your baby carrier only around the house for chores and don’t envision yourself wearing your baby many hours at a time then you may not be too concerned about weight distribution. In that case, a BabyBjorn Classic might be totally suited to your needs. However, if you plan to use your carrier for longer periods (for walks around the neighborhood or mal, for example) then you may want to consider one with a waist belt.

How often will you use it?

Will you use your carrier daily or almost every day?  Then durability will be important and you will want something with strong materials from a trusted brand with good customer service. You may also be concerned with its appearance or want to get one that comes in lots of patterns or colors so that you can pick one that you really love.

How long do you hope to use it?

This is similar to number 2. If you hope to use this carrier for years, decades or more than one child than quality and durability will be of paramount importance. You should be sure to invest in something made from great materials and from a brand you can trust. Look into the customer service, warranty and more of the company.

How much can you spend?

You must be realistic with your budget. If you can’t afford the Ergo baby then you simply can’t afford it. You need to choose something that is within your budget and there are plenty of great carriers for less than $75 so rather than break your bank, simply choose one that you can afford.

How much versatility do you want?

For some people, versatility is very important. For others, they may not care so much because they do not plan to use the baby carrier very often. If you need a carrier that you can take everywhere and use anywhere then you may want the Boba carrier, for example since it folds down so nicely. If you want something that can be re-positioned easily for the baby to be carried different ways then something like the Beco Baby Gemini may be right up your alley.