Best Front Facing Baby Carrier: Top 3 Reviews for 2017

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A front facing baby carrier, or infant carrier, is designed to where you will wear it on your chest while carrying babies or very small children around in it. This allows parents to get a closer look at their baby while traveling. It also allows the baby to see what you see as your baby can look around and have fun while going places.

The options to look for when finding such baby carriers are diverse. There are many quality brands out there such as Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier, Onya Baby Carrier, Moby Wrap, Babybjorn Baby Carrier, and Baby K. However, this review takes a look at the three best front facing baby carriers for 2017, which includes some attractive choices that are comfortable for the parent and child alike, including machine washable, lumbar support, waist belts, quality shoulder straps, and quality breathable material. Each is made to be easy to use as well, but it does help to look at the pros and cons of each option.

These options are all made with the comfort of your child in mind and are also easy for you to wear. But what makes these choices different from each other? Let’s look at these choices to see what you can get from all of these options.

Designed for infants up to 32 pounds in weight, this uses four options for carrying your child. You can use a narrow or wide setup respectively made for newborns or toddlers. You can also convert this into a back carrier for a larger toddler if needed.

A 2-in-1 cover works as a bib to protect your clothes and the carrier alike. It can be washed in a typical machine as well.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Comfortable for parent and child
  • Easy in and out for the child


  • Doesn’t have much in terms of storage areas
  • Only handles up to 32 pounds

The seat, leg openings, waist belt, and straps are also easy to adjust. These can be controlled carefully with plenty of adjustable features all around to create a nice fit that is easy to wear in any case.

The overall design is also comfortable with a soft fabric that is easy for the parent and child to wear. This offers a good appearance that is relaxing and easy for a parent to have.

Street Tribe has designed this carrier in blue, purple, and red colors. It is made with a breathable mesh cloth with a series of strong fasteners. It is comfortable for the child and parent alike and does not add too much pressure while in use.

This focuses on a strong shoulder balance as it uses comfortable and padded shoulder straps that absorb weight and pressure quite well. This allows the parent to keep a good hold on one’s child without feeling discomfort and without the baby favoring one side.


  • Soft on the child’s body
  • Reinforced to support the child’s weight
  • Easy to adjust


  • Doesn’t provide storage
  • May be easy to lose track of all the straps and fasteners

The double-padded bottom creates a good seat that is comfortable for the child. It absorbs the child’s weight with ease. The size of the sling can also be adjusted with different straps around the body that offer a lighter or tighter fit. This can allow for a simple adjustable that works as the child grows. This is good for children up to around 30 pounds in weight. Specifically, it supports children who are up to two years of age in most cases.

The straps and fasteners are supported around all openings around the carrier. It helps you to keep a strong fit, although you have to make sure each one is applied properly and that you aren’t keeping anything loose or otherwise tough to use.

This is a very special carrier that comes with a six-position design. It is a great front facing baby carrier in its own right but it works with both hip and back fits alike. It can be used by an infant or toddler at all stages and even comes with its own hood that can be moved up or down as needed.

The mesh construction on this carrier offers a comfortable body for the parent to use. It allows air to move through so the parent will not become overly hot while using it. This also extends to the baby by offering a relaxed body that is easy to wear.

It can also handle babies and toddlers in many cases. It works with capacities from 7 to 45 pounds. The fasteners around the body of the carrier ensure that it will not be hard for the baby to fit into the carrier without any problems.


  • Flexible in its design
  • Fits children at all stages
  • Carefully padded


  • Easy to lose track of the fasteners
  • Can be uncomfortable if you’re not familiar with certain positions

Lumbar support is also included in this option. A zippered pocket is added for helping you to store items. The padding is even along much of the carrier’s body as well. This offers a relaxed body that is easy to carry around and doesn’t add far too much pressure in any instance. It is even a machine-washable model so you will have a very easy time with getting it cleaned off as needed.

Choosing the Right Option

You can always use one of these great front facing baby carriers for your needs. But when choosing such an option, you have to look at the following points:

  • See how you plan on carrying your baby with it and if the carrier can support a particular position.
  • Look at how it is built and see that you can comfortably adjust it without making your baby or yourself feel uncomfortable in the process.
  • Check on how much weight the carrier can handle. You need to use a carrier that can handle your baby’s weight without being overly hard to use.
  • Make sure the carrier is also easy to maintain. It should not be at risk of tearing up or wearing out in any way.

Good luck with finding a great front facing baby carrier. Be sure to look at the three options you’ve read about in particular.

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