Boba Carrier – Budget Friendly and Attractive carrier

Boba baby wrap

The Boba wrap is a great carrier that you can wrap even the tiniest baby up in snugly. You’ll love the freedom from straps, buckles and snaps that this carrier affords you. If you are looking for something less expensive than the Ergo, for example, then this may be the very best choice for you.

Features of Boba Carrier

The Boba Baby Wrap is so easy to take on and off! It is totally free of buckles, straps, buttons or snaps. You simply tie the material snug against your body and stretchy fabric allows for a perfect fit every time. It can be washed and dried and will fold down into a diaper bag or suitcase intp the size of a shirt or dress. It is supportive to the baby's hips and spine which is extremely important for the health and comfort of baby.

For mom and dad, the 2 shoulder design allows you to so equally distribute the baby’s weight over your entire body. You can also wear your baby in five different positions making it versatile for you and for your child. The best part of this carrier is probably its price which is relatively inexpensive.

Considering what a great carrier it is, you can’t beat it. This carrier is easy to use and doesn’t require hours of practice getting on and off which is true of some others. You can also wrap it around yourself, get it all set up and then put the baby in which keeps you from trying to maneuver a fussy baby while wrapping it up. The fabric is very nice and this carrier is comparable to a Moby wrap but much more budget-friendly. This wrap is also really well suited to small babies. Mothers of preemies will be thrilled with it because even the tiniest babies fit well in it.


  1. This wrap is not really suitable for larger babies or toddlers. It is one of the best baby carriers for babies under 20 pounds or so.
  2. The fabric is a knit spandex blend and is great for keeping baby warm and cozy however if you live in hot or humid area you may find the fabric to be warmer than you would like.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a budget friendly and attractive carrier with a lot to offer. It is a fabulous choice for people looking for something similar to the Moby wrap but not willing or able to spend the money. You will be so glad to have this carrier when your baby is crying all day.

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