ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier – Comfort At Its Max

The ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier is made with ergonomics in mind. Comfort is of paramount importance… not just for you, but for baby as well. The canvas wraps has soft, padded shoulder straps and a back support to keep your spine and shoulder from doing all of the work of carrying your little one.

The weight of your child will be distributed evenly between your hips and your shoulders and your child will be sitting in a natural, comfortable position, as well.   This is important because this is not true of all carriers.  Some carriers hold the baby’s legs and hips in an awkward, unhealthy position.

Features of ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier

  1. With this baby carrier you can position your baby on your front, back or even side so that you can choose whichever position that they prefer or that will suit your particular activity.
  2. Sold separately: an infant insert for newborns so that they will fit snugly and comfortably.
  3. Included: hood to snap up over the baby’s head which comes in handy for nursing, bad weather or if the baby is simply napping and small pocket for carrying change, hair clips, etc.
  1. Durable canvas fabric in a variety of fun, stylish colors and patterns.

Cons of this Carrier

  1. It is a bit expensive BUT it’s a great value for the multitude of uses and positions you can use it in. If you are looking for durability, versatility and quality then you will have to be willing to pay a higher dollar amount.
  2. There is no front-facing chest position which means that your baby when is on your chest they must be faced in toward you.  This is a snugly position but sometimes babies prefer to face out.  You do have the option, however, of the side carry or the back carry which not all carriers offer.


All in all, if you can afford to spend the money on a really great carrier then this one just may be for you. It has a lot of great features and most of its flaws are so minor that you can overlook them when you consider all of the “pros.”  This carrier will keep your back and shoulders protected, give your baby a safe and fun ride and last you until well into toddlerhood.

It is a great carrier and people who own them absolutely love and swear by them.  It will make the “hold me, Hold me!!!” days of motherhood so much easier to bear.

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