Our Guide to the Best Baby Sling Reviews for 2017

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A quality baby sling can make it very easy for you to carry your child around with you. Such a sling is ideal for helping you to keep your baby protected and secure. However, in order to get a quality sling ready, you have to look at a few choices that can fit in well with your baby’s needs.

There are many babywearing carriers on the market, such as pouch slings, baby wraps, a baby sling and carrier, baby ring slings, and stretchy wraps, and all offer different baby positions. Like with all baby carriers, you will have to be careful when finding a good sling or pouch sling. It needs to be one that is comfortable for the parents and the babies alike. It also has to be made to where it offers a good fit without being too tough to use in any case. With those points in mind, here are a few of the best baby slings that you can find right now. These are made with various features but are all designed to be useful for you and your child.

CuddleBug Baby Wrap

The first baby sling to review is the CuddleBug wrap. Available in nine colors, it allows your child to stay close to you. It offers a tight body made with French terry cotton and spandex. It stretches out well and still keeps your baby from feeling too much stress or pressure while being carried around.

This works with four different uses in mind. You can use it as a sling carrier, a nursing cover, or a postpartum belt, and even as a heat-regulating unit to keep your child comfortable during the coldest times of the year. The wrap itself is also easy to adjust without being too hard to use or manage in any form.

Boba Wrap

The Boba Wrap is designed for children up to eighteen months in age. It is made of 95% cotton with the rest being flexible spandex. It has a simple front and infant tying style that offers a good fit and conforms to your body quite well. It is also a machine washable model that is easy to clean off. The hands-free design also ensures that it will give you a good fit around your body while keeping your child secure.

The stretchiness of the fabric ensures that breast feeding and other regular nursing functions are easy to handle. The coverage also ensures that there is enough privacy between you and your child during regular nursing functions. This allows for a good fit that works well without being overly hard to use.

Mo+m Ring Sling Baby Carrier

This next choice is a useful option for how it offers a fully adjustable wrap body. It has a fully cotton body and can hold children up to 36 pounds in weight.

The ring sling design is important to see here. The sturdy ring attachment allows you to adjust how much of a grip you have over the sling. This allows you to keep the baby close to you as needed. It still offers a good design for infant use in that you can loosen the ring up by a bit to ensure that the baby will have a good fit on your body without being too tight or otherwise hard on you.

Mamaway Ring Sling

The last choice to find is this ring sling from Mamaway that is suitable for all sorts of care needs. Designed in a variety of patterns, it uses an even weight distribution system. The ring support ensures that the sling can be adjusted to fit your body size and the weight of your child. It allows for enough pressure to be delivered on all sides so you are not favoring one spot over another. It is a very convenient and easy to use setup that you are bound to feel relaxed with.

This is made with a fully cotton body that is machine washable. It does not run nor does it lose its consistency easily. It also works as an insulator for your child so one’s body temperature will not be at risk of sudden changes. This is an especially important point to see during the winter season.

This has a French pattern design and even has a breastfeeding cover strap. This is also easy to wash off when it is not in use.

DaisyGro Soft Cotton Sling

DaisyGro made this sling with a flexible cotton and spandex body. It has a good bond to it as it offers a sturdy fit that ties up well and keeps your baby in place. It even uses a hands-free design that allows you to hold your baby without using more pressure than needed. The physical layout of the sling also keeps you from having back or neck issues, especially as the sling fits well along the shoulders.

This is safe for children up to 35 pounds in weight. It stretches out enough to where it is suitable for nursing without adding more pressure on your body than what you might already be comfortable with. This even comes with its own convenient storage bag.

Willcare Baby Wrap

Designed with a convenient multi-use cover, this Willcare wrap uses an organic cotton body that is easy on the skin and does not chafe or cause irritation. This also does well with handling heat and can keep your baby’s body temperature consistent while in use.

At about five meters in length, the wrap is very easy to tie up and adjust. At about half a meter wide, it is also big enough to offer a great amount of coverage. This keeps your baby fully protected while offering enough of a base to ensure that your child will be kept relaxed and supported in a proper manner.


A great baby sling is one that offers a comfortable body that isn’t tough to use. Be certain when finding a baby sling that you have something that is easy to adjust and fits your child right. It must also be comfortable for you and your baby alike. Make sure you look carefully to see what can fit in well with your demands for getting the most out of your sling demands.

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