Hiking Baby Carrier: The 5 Best Baby Carriers for Hiking Reviewed in 2017

baby carrier for hiking

As all parents know, bringing your baby out with you on a great hike can be a fun bonding experience. It really does bring your little one closer to nature and can make for a great introduction to the beautiful outdoors.

But to make such a hiking trip worthwhile, you will require a good hiking baby carrier, babywearing ring sling, or wrap. Such a carrier can be made with a nice body that is comfortable. They come with many compartments to make it easier for you to take care of your baby as well.

There are many great bands out there that make baby carriers for new parents, such as BabyBjorn Baby Carrier, Baby K, and Ergo Baby Carrier. However, the following list of five quality hiking baby carriers we have selected that include a number of choices that fit in well with your hiking demands. These will most certainly ensure you get the most out of your travels. They come with comfortable bodies and can handle plenty of weight even as those carriers are light in weight in their own right.

This first option is only five pounds in weight. It has a retractable canopy that protects your child and it also uses padded straps that absorb energy and keep your baby from being distracted or feeling uncomfortable.

This is useful for children up to four years of age and it can carry about 40 pounds at a time.

Additional pockets are included for all your baby care needs. Two water bottle pockets are included alongside smaller items for [easyazon_link identifier=”B00392DVMA” locale=”US” tag=”babycarrierhq-20″]other baby care demands[/easyazon_link].

A kickstand is also included on this carrier. It helps you to set up the carrier on a flat surface as necessary without hurting your child or disrupting your little one.

Kelty made this with a 420D polyester ball shadow body. It offers a thick body that does not tear up easily while, at the same time, will not make the carrier any heavier than it has to be.

It comfortably fits a child of up to 40 pounds in the carrier. The five-point harness also comes with a leg securing system to make it easier for your child to stay in the setup without being disrupted.

The aluminum frame can also be adjusted to a torso length of 15 to 18 inches. This provides you with a comfortable fit. The V-bar body keeps the carrier from collapsing. The frame is also designed with a no-pinching body so it will not disrupt you or be at risk of harm when used right.

Designed with a fancy orange and black body, this is only a little more than four pounds in weight but it is reinforced so that it can handle up to 40 pounds at a time. The aluminum frame on the inside creates a lightweight body that is sturdy and powerful. It can fold up flat easily when you need to store it but it will lock itself up in the right area when used carefully.

The ergonomic harness system offers a padded shoulder and a series of hip belts. It is very easy to wear and allows air to flow freely around your body with ease. The molded ventilation system ensures a comfortable design that contours well with your body without being disruptive.

It even comes with its own detachable mini-backpack and has a matching color scheme. It is perfect for your little one to carry around. The backpack can also be used for storing different items if needed but it is best for your child to have, as a means of transporting stuff that one might want to carry around.

Another good choice for hiking purposes is a cotton model that is fully machine washable. It works with three different carrying positions. It offers front, back, and side carrying options. It is very easy to switch from one position to the next as it comes with a relaxed body that is comfortable and easy to wear.

The wider shoulder straps and lumbar belt help to distribute weight evenly while keeping shoulder pressure levels from being too intense.

The sleeping hood at the top is fully removable. An added snap-on cloth can also be applied onto the body. It is easy to wash off. A cuddle pocket is also included with a zipper to help you with storing all sorts of items as required.

This can handle up to 25 pounds of weight. It offers a simple body that is easy to wear and doesn’t add far too much pressure onto your body.

The last of these options for a hiking baby carrier is this model from Deuter. It is made with a Super Polytex fabric that is light in weight and has a number of compartments for storing care items, toys, and other things.

Deuter made this with the company’s patented AirContact back system in mind. It offers a flexible and soft back that conforms to your natural body position and shape. It allows air to move around your body and keeps moisture from being a threat. This results in less perspiration as you carry your child around in this carrier.

A kickstand is included to help you secure the carrier when needed. It also uses two grab handles to make it easier for you to pack your carrier around or to get it set up as needed. The easy-in and out setup also ensures that your child will not have a hard time with getting in and out of the carrier.

It is about seven pounds in weight and can carry almost 50 pounds at a time. The polyurethane coating also ensures that the carrier will not wear out or weaken from regular use provided that it is handled carefully and well maintained.

What Works Best?

When choosing from these five hiking baby carriers, make sure you choose an option that is comfortable and not too rough. Look for something easy to set up while also providing you with a comfortable space for carrying your child in. Don’t forget to look at something that your child will be comfortable with. All five options you have read about here are great but make sure you choose one that you know won’t be tough for you or your child to enjoy.