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Boba Air

The Boba (baby carrier) Company guarantees safe and stylish baby products for every type of parent. They support and want to nourish the bond parent and child obtain by carrying, with their extensive collection of Boba baby carriers. The beauty behind Boba is that it is the dream of a couple. This couple took their idea for their own kids and made it into something that they could share with other parents.

The Best Carrier for New Carriers: Boba 4G Baby Carrier

The G4 is the original baby carrier. It is the carrier that grows with your baby. The carrier is ideal for children ranging from 7 pounds up to a maximum of 45 pounds. This is accomplished by the simplistic design and adjustable straps that help to create the G4. The G4 comes in a wide range of patterns and colors so that both parents can proudly show off their bundle. The Boba G4 comes with an integrated infant insert so there is no hassle worrying about purchasing one separately. The G4 can accommodate both front and back carrying. Some other great little features include a mommy purse strap holder and pockets to store items.

The Pros

  • The waist straps can accommodate to fit 25” to 58”
  • The G4 is intended for parents of all shapes and sizes and can fit parents from 5’ to 6’3”

The Cons

  • Elastic bands are used to keep excess material wrapped up and can become troublesome to the comfort of both you and your baby.
  • There have been issues with the color dye from the G4 carriers bleeding out when washing, needs to be washed by itself.

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The Baby Carrier for Less Space: Boba Air Baby Carrier

This is one of the lightest, most heavy duty baby carriers that you will ever find. The Boba Air is perfect because of its lightweight design and easy storage ability. You can simply toss this carrier into your diaper bag, the glove department of your car, or even your large purse. It folds up into small spaces and comes with its own self-storing pouch to keep it all together. While it is lightweight and stores easily, it also is still safe and sturdy and always ready for use.

The Pros

  • The Boba Air holds all the same safety requirements that the Boba 4G carries and is half the price.
  • The lightweight design also helps to improve carrying because the carrier is not putting any additional weight on you.
  • The fabric is lightweight and allows your baby to stay cool and comfortable while you get your errands done

The Cons

  • There are not many different color or pattern options for the Boba Air.
  • The straps can at times become tangled if the Boba Air was not properly placed in its storage pouch.

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The Original Boba Carrier: The Boba 3G Baby Carrier

The Boba 3G is the older model in the Boba family. It comes with its own self-storage sack and other accessories to make it the perfect option for your family. The design is simple and comes in many great patterns and colors. The Boba 3G is designed to accommodate children from 7 pounds to 45 pounds. It is designed to grow with your child. The 3G comes with a teething pad that is perfectly safe for your little one and is 100% organic. The Boba 3G has all the same great features that the 4G comes with except for the infant insert. The infant insert is removable in the Boba 3G and must be bought separately.

The Pros

  • The Boba 3G comes in many fun and funky designs so you will be able to find something that fits you.
  • The Boba 3G is easy to store and comes with its own storage pouch. This carrier feature is great for when you are on the go.
  • This carrier is great for front or back carrying. Many parents report that it is comfortable to wear and that they feel their baby is secure.

The Cons

  • The material is very closed in and some older children may become overheated after extensive use.
  • The infant insert needed for the Boba 3G is sold separately. This baby carrier is not recommended for use without the appropriate infant insert.
  • Some parents did not like the bulkier design of the 3G and found it to be heavier than some of the other baby carriers available.
  • There are not as many pattern and color schemes for the Boba 3G as there is for other Boba baby carrier options.

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