Reviews of Top 5 Best Selling Babybjorn Baby Carriers

Babybjorn is a company that has been around for many generations and has been providing quality baby carriers along with other great baby products. The developers at Babybjorn believe in safety and security when they make their carriers available for purchase. Each carrier comes with a set criteria that they all must abide by. Each carrier comes with an adjustable head support, they all come in an upright position to ensure free airways. Babybjorn carriers strive to promote a design in all their carriers to ensure free movement for the arms and legs of your little one. Each carrier is easy to take on and off and adjusts with your child. All Babybjorn products come quality tested and recommended by leading pediatricians, midwives, and child psychologists.

The Carrier for New Parents: Babybjorn Baby Carrier Original

When searching for a quality Babybjorn product, the Babybjorn Original is usually the best way to go. The baby carrier is easy to use and each parent feels secure wearing this product. These baby carriers are made from cotton which allows for your baby’s skin to breathe and provides more comfort for your little one. They are perfect for new parents because they are classic and easy to use. The straps fit comfortably against your body and your baby is held in a position that doesn’t hurt them.

babybjorn original

The Pros

  • All Babybjorn baby carriers are held to the highest of quality and all are tested for safety. The materials used to create this baby carrier are safe for your baby.
  • The Babybjorn Original Baby Carrier is 100% machine washable. No need to scrub messes away by hand.
  • These baby carriers are recommended by pediatricians and come in many stylish colors and patterns.

The Cons

  • This original baby carrier is intended to support weight up to 25 pounds. It can cause discomfort for parents who are attempting to carry larger children.
  • There have been other reviews stating the lack of lower back support when using this carrier.
  • These carriers are only intended for front carrying. They are not designed for back carry or outward forward carrying.

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The Versatile Fit: Babybjorn Baby Carrier Miracle

The Babybjorn Miracle provides a more versatile fit for your newborns. This baby carrier is perfect for newborns without needing an extra infant insert and grows with your baby up to 15 months. The Miracle Baby Carrier is made from a cotton mix that is comfortable for children and is not harmful if your baby gets a mouthful of the fabric. The Miracle is a part of the classic design that made Babybjorn a leading company in baby equipment. The carrier is easy to use and you will feel comfortable carrying your baby.

BabyBjorn Carrier

The Pros

  • This carrier comes with a waist belt to help lower lumbar support for the parent.
  • This Miracle Baby Carrier is 100% machine washable.
  • The Miracle carrier can be used for hip carrying.

The Cons

  • The Miracle carrier does not support back carrying.
  • The Miracle carrier has been reported as hard to adjust and the shoulder straps have been reported as lacking in proper support.

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The Baby Carrier of Convenience: Babybjorn Baby Carrier We

We carrier is the new generation of baby carriers brought to you by Babybjorn. This new generation baby carrier grows with your baby and supports babies up to three years of age. The We Baby Carrier comes with a wider waist belt and is designed to accommodate back carrying. The design is compact and can be easily folded and stored in the diaper bag when not in use. This baby carrier is perfect for parents on the go who enjoy a bit of convenience.

The Pros

  • This baby carrier can be used for back carrying, hip carrying, and front carrying when the baby is facing the parent.
  • The new generation design is compactable and can be folded up and placed in the diaper bag.
  • The new design is more secure and promotes parent and child comfort.

The Cons

  • This product is not intended for outward forward carrying or when the baby is in the front facing away from parent.
  • The new design can be confusing for customers that are used to the original design and may take some time to get used to the different design.
  • Moving your baby from front to back carrying can be complicated and some parents will need to practice the move a few times before they can make an easy transition.

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The Baby Carrier for the Active Parents: Babybjorn Baby Carrier Active (Discontinued)

This is an all-around baby carrier that is perfect for active parents. The active design promotes comfort while reducing moisture and heat making it more comfortable for parent and baby. It keeps you cool and comfortable whether you are working around the house or out on a nature walk.

The Pros

  • The Babybjorn Active comes with adjustable straps to help support your lower lumbar region. In addition, the shoulder straps are also wider allowing for better distribution of baby weight.
  • The Babybjorn Active Baby Carrier is created from materials that are latex free and BPA free. This is an important feature as your baby’s skin is delicate and prone to rashes and breakouts.
  • The Active baby carrier can be used for front carry, hip carry, and back carry. This allows for improved mobility and a more active lifestyle.

The Cons

  • The lumbar support is set for an average size adult. Heavier adults will find it difficult to use the back straps. In addition, thinner adults will find difficulties adjusting this baby carrier to fit.
  • There have been reviews that the Babybjorn Active is bulkier than traditional baby carriers. This can become troublesome for smaller framed parents or when needing to store the baby carrier.

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The Any Way You Want It: Babybjorn Baby Carrier One

This is another new generation baby carrier from Babybjorn. It has everything that you want in a baby carrier. The new design is perfect for newborns and adaptable enough to hold three-year-olds. This new generation baby carrier has the waist belt that helps to support the lower lumbar region in adults and also allows for back and outward facing carrying. This baby carrier is great for any parent and can be used in up to five different positions to ensure the comfort of both you and your child.

babybjorn one

The Pros

  • The design is compact enough to fold up and fit easily in your diaper bag which is perfect for when you are on the go.
  • The new generation, Babybjorn One carrier provides wider shoulder straps and back support to help distribute weight evenly for the parent. This helps to promote overall comfort for you as the carrier.
  • This baby carrier comes equipped with additional accessories such as a teething pad and fashionable baby covers.
  • The baby carrier is made from a lightweight material that dries quickly and keeps your baby cool and comfortable. The material is designed to be BPA and latex free.

The Cons

  • The head support is designed to fold down but there isn’t a way to secure the flap down.
  • This baby carrier is on the more expensive side of baby carriers and might not be feasible for every budget.

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