The Best of Beco Baby Carriers – Reviews and Top Picks

Beco Toddler

Beco is a company that is built to last. They strive to provide parents with products that are eco-friendly and practical. They also want to provide carriers that are fun and attractive. The new designs for the carriers help to encourage other parents to take the leap and start baby wearing. All the materials used to create these baby carriers are safe and gentle on your baby’s skin.

Beco started out as a small business that wanted to spread encouragement and make it easier to be a parent. They have now grown into a celebrated line of baby products that have been reviewed and awarded honors by many different parenting sources.

The Fashionable Option: Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

This baby carrier has it all. The Beco Gemini comes in many fun and fierce designs so you can find the perfect style that matches you and your baby. The carrier accommodates all styles of positioning including backpack and hip placement. The many different features of the baby carrier include adjustable headrest, elastic bands to keep additional webbing out of the way, and adjustable straps to maximize comfort. The lumbar belt is thick and exactly what you need if you experience back pain while trying to carry your child. The Gemini is ready to go and can accommodate newborns without needing an additional newborn insert.

The Pros

  • The seat of the Gemini baby carrier can be adjusted for wider or narrower seating options to help fit your baby better.
  • You are able to wear this product while breastfeeding or while pregnant.
  • The Gemini baby carrier is machine washable.

The Cons

  • Storage can be a bit difficult with the Gemini baby carrier.
  • The Beco Gemini is on the higher end of baby carriers and might not be feasible for all budgets.

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For the On the Go Parent: Beco Soleil Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is perfect for busy parents. The Soleil comes with its own adjustable babyhood and pocket to store small things in while you are on the go. Your baby will feel safe and secure riding in this Soleil baby carrier. The Soleil comes in many fun and attractive designs and even comes with an organic option. The cotton and mesh mix help to create an atmosphere where the baby can stay cool and dry no matter where they are. The best part is that it comes with all the great features that the Beco Gemini comes with but at a cheaper price.

The Pros

  • The Soleil can be worn while breastfeeding and while you’re pregnant. Always be sure to check with your doctor before wearing your carrier while pregnant.
  • The innovative hood allows for maximum privacy for you and your little one. It also helps protect your baby from the sun while they nap.
  • The Soleil is machine washable and stores much easier than other baby carriers.
  • The thicker straps and wider lumbar band help to provide the extra support needed when wearing these carriers.

The Cons

  • This baby carrier requires an infant insert for newborns. The insert is sold separately.
  • The lumbar belt adjusts from 28” to 57” so people who do not fall within this adjustment range will find difficulties using this product.

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The Carrier Exclusive for Toddlers: Beco Toddler Carrier

Have you been searching for a carrier that is exclusively for toddlers? Search no more because here it is. The Beco Toddler is designed for toddlers ranging from 20-60 pounds. Most normal carriers never exceed 45 pounds. The Beco Toddler comes with an attachable hood, zipper clutch, and a storage sack. The Beco Toddler allows for parents who have larger toddlers to still be able to experience the added benefits of wearing their children. It also helps parents with special needs children because now when they need to go to the supermarket they can easily put their child in the carrier. The Beco Toddler also comes in many fun and attractive patterns so you and your toddler can walk around in style.

The Pros

  • The Beco Toddler can be used to help assist parents with toddlers who have physical delays, instead of having to pull out wheelchairs and walkers, they can safely fit in the Beco Toddler.
  • The Beco Toddler is machine washable.
  • The Beco Toddler can hold up to 60 pounds of weight.

The Cons

  • Carrying up to 60 pounds is heavy regardless of the amount of padding the lumbar belt and shoulder straps provide.
  • The price for the Beco Toddler might be out of some customer’s price range.

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