The Best of Manduca Baby Carriers

Manduca Standard Edition

Manduca is a European company that strives to provide the world exception and the best baby carriers. Comfort is the first and most important thing that is addressed with the Manduca baby carriers. They all come equipped with adjustable neck and head rests, nickel free snap fasteners and zippers, lined in 100% cotton and all support children in the correct sitting position. The Manduca Company puts all their baby carriers to the test and all their products have been tested and approved.

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1. The More Traditional Look: Manduca Standard Edition Carrier

Manduca Standard Edition CarrierStandard Edition carrier is Manduca’s take on a traditional baby carrier. The sophisticated belt structure enables a comfortable fit for a wide variety of body types. The baby carrier has an inner lining that is 100% organic cotton and extra soft for your baby’s sensitive skin. Its soft structure grows with your child and will fit them from birth up into their newborn years. The Standard Edition Manduca has been tested against the rigorous European standards and have been found in compliance with all safety regulations.

The Pros

  • These baby carriers can accommodate three of the most popular carrying positions. The hip, front inward, and backpack carry are all supported.
  • The belts at the waist and shoulders are extra wide to help distribute the weight evenly. This feature helps carriers with back issues.

The Cons

  • The Manduca Standard Edition Carrier is not compared with American standards for safety regulations or any other countries. While European standards are superb they are not the same as your countries standards for safety.
  • These baby carriers ship around the world but some countries such as the United States should expect long delays in shipping.

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2. For the Modern Parents: Manduca New Style

Manduca New StyleSafety tested to the highest quality of European safety regulations the Manduca New Style delivers everything that you want in a baby carrier. It grows with your child from birth up until they are ready to enter school. The carrier is designed to support backpack, hip, and front inward facing carrying positions. The New Style comes in many fun and exciting colors and styles so you will have no problem finding one that fits you and your child.

The Pros

  • The New Style is made from organic cotton and hemp. This material mix helps to ensure that your baby stays cool and dry in their carriers.
  • The New Style is more modern and helps to support the M sitting position.

The Cons

  • Manduca is a German company and customers ordering from other countries will need to expect delays.
  • There have been some reviews that the instructions for the carrier were in alternate languages other than the ones they requested.
  • These baby carriers are held to the European standard for safety regulations. Consumers living in other countries are advised to find out how the different countries differ on their safety rules and regulations.

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3. For the On the Go Parents: Manduca Blackline Series

Manduca Backline SeriesThis baby carrier is developed from 100% organic cotton that helps to keep your baby cool and dry while you are on the go. The baby carrier is intended for front, hip, and back carrying placement and changing between the different positions is a breeze. The waist band and the shoulder straps are thick and padded and help reduce the amount of back pain that one might experience when carrying their child. Manduca The Blackline series comes with many fun designs so you are sure to find something that appeals to you.

The Pros

  • The format of the Blackline series is to provide a wider base so that children can sit in the M formation which has been shown to be the healthiest choice.
  • The 100% organic cotton helps to sooth your baby’s skin and keeps them comfortable in their carrier.
  • The amount of straps and buckles help to make both parent and baby feel safe when using this baby carrier. The widening of the back strap and the shoulder straps helps carriers distribute the weight in a healthy manner and helps to reduce the risk of back strain or injury.

The Cons

  • The Manduca Company is a European based company and customers who live outside the service area should anticipate long shipping times.
  • The Blackline baby carrier series need infant inserts for help make their carriers more comfortable for infants. These inserts are sold separately.
  • The organic cotton attracts a lot of dust and animal hair which can make it frustrating for some parents or children who have allergies.

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