Top 5 Best Evenflo Baby Carriers

evenflo breathable baby carrier

As soon as you hear Evenflo (baby carriers) you know that you are going to be awarded the finest quality in baby merchandise you can find. Evenflo is a company that has been around for many years and consistently delivers the finest quality of baby merchandise. Their baby carriers have been tried and tested. The company strives to meet any safety regulation put forth by the government or by their consumers. Evenflo has won many awards and passed all safety regulations required. 

Evenflo has met the approval and is constantly recommended by midwives, pediatricians, and child psychologists. The best part is that all of these quality carriers come at an affordable price.

The Active Parents: Evenflo Breathable Baby Carrier

evenflo breathable baby carrier

One of the biggest selling points for the Evenflo Breathable is their breathable mesh panels that work to keep your child cool and dry no matter the environment. All the straps are adequately padded with additional padding being added to the back straps and the headrest to help promote comfort. This allows for your baby’s weight to be distributed throughout your back and not just on one area. This feature is a huge relief for carriers that suffer from any type of back pain.

The Breathable baby carrier is perfect because it’s easy and fun. Children can be snapped in and out of the carrier with ease making impromptu diaper changes a breeze. The fabric comes in many great varieties and the carrier is machine washable.

The Pros

  • The materials are lightweight and easy to carry. You will feel comfortable wearing the Evenflo Breathable for an extended period of time.
  • It is a feasible baby carrier for mothers who are breastfeeding.
  • The straps and attachments are easy to use and you will have no issue getting your child in and out of the carrier as needed

The Cons

  • Many reviewers stated that they needed to add their own padding to the crouch area of the carrier because there wasn’t adequate enough padding.
  • The straps for the carrier can become tangled after being washed in the washing machine. Make sure that all buckles and buckled before washing the baby carrier.

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The Carrier for the Best Ergonomic Seating: Evenflo Natural Fit Baby Carrier

The best ergonomic seating available for you little one. This baby carrier really does promote a more natural fit than its competition. The carrier is designed to accommodate front, hip, and back carry. Another reason this one is great is because it easily accommodates adults that are taller and heavier than most. The Natural Fit is great for newborns up to 45 pounds. It is a great baby carrier that will transition with you as your newborn ages into pre-kindergarten.

evenflo natural fit

The Pros

  • The Evenflo Natural Fit offers the quality of a high-end baby carrier without the high-end price.
  • The Natural Fit holds babies close and fits all different body frames. It also promotes a safe environment for babies that are breastfeeding or babies that need a more secure fit.
  • The Natural Fit is hand and machine washable.

The Cons

  • If not properly cared for the straps can become tangled and become less effective. This could lead to potential injuries for you or your baby.

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The Most Versatile Fit: Evenflo Platinum 3 in 1 Soft Carrier

evenflo 3 in 1 platnium

The Platinum 3 in 1 is a favorite because it accommodates all carrier positions including the front outward position. All straps are adjustable and padded to promote the most comfortable fit. The carrier accommodates newborns up to 35 pounds and is built to rest comfortably on the carrier regardless of their body frame. Memory foam has been added to the shoulder pads and the lumbar support that helps when using this carrier for an extended period of time. The 3 in 1 can be used in many different fashions and there is a carrying position for everyone.

The Pros

  • The 3 in 1 is fun and it accommodates any carrying position. It is a carrier that can grow with your child as they progress into their pre-kindergarten years.
  • Evenflo provides this quality baby carrier it over half the price of similar baby carriers.
  • The Evenflo 3 in 1 is a baby carrier that you can feel comfortable using because it’s able to accommodate the carrying position that you are most comfortable with.

The Cons

  • Currently, the 3 in 1 only comes in solid black which is great for a couple but might not spark the interest of a single carrier.
  • The 3 in 1 needs to be adjusted when it is off the carrier’s body.

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The Convenient Option: Evenflo Active Soft Carrier

evenflo active

The Evenflo Active Baby Carrier is the convenient choice because of all the different additional features that make it convenient for both moms and dads. This model accommodates every position except for the hip carry. The fabric is machine washable with a removable bib to keep the carrier safe from any baby mess. The Active comes equipped with built in storage pockets so that the carrier can safely store their keys, phones, or credit cards in the baby carrier. It is like having a built in wallet in your baby carrier. You no longer have to worry about taking your purse into the store just put everything in the carrier pocket and you are ready to go.

The Pros

  • The Active is all about convenience. There are built in pockets as well as padded shoulder straps and waist belt to promote the comfort of the carrier.
  • Messes are easily washed away because the material is completely machine washable.

The Cons

  • The Evenflo Active does not support hip carrying and this carrier is not intended for that use
  • The Evenflo Active cannot support children heavier than 32 pounds safely.
  • There have been some issues with carriers that are both taller and wider than what is considered average having issues with these baby carriers.

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Exclusively for Newborns: Evenflo Infant Carrier

This baby carrier is exclusively for infants. There are many of us who register for our baby showers and numerous people get us the same things, such as baby carriers. There might be a carrier that you like but don’t feel comfortable using until your child is older. This is where the Evenflo Infant Carrier comes in. The simple design is created to ensure that the needs of your infant are met and you feel comfortable. The inexpensive baby carrier can easily transition between carriers and all the adjustments can be made while the baby is still in the carrier. The fabric is soft on delicate skin and machine washable.

evenflo infant

The Pros

  • The Evenflo Infant Carrier comes at a reasonable price so you won’t feel guilty buying this infant carrier.
  • The Evenflo Infant Carrier is created with your newborn in mind and focuses on what is comfortable for newborns such as additional padding in the headrest.
  • The lightweight material is great in keeping your baby cool and dry as well as allowing for them to not be as heavy to carry.

The Cons

  • This baby carrier is only intended for children under 25 pounds. The baby carrier cannot safely hold children that weight more than 25 pounds.
  • The Infant Carrier only allows for front positioning.

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