Why Every Mom Should Buy a Baby Carrier

  • a couple of years ago
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If you are registering for your baby items and wondering if you need a carrier then the answer is yes. The answer is definitely yes. No if’s and’s or but’s. Having a way to wear your baby while keeping your hands free will give you freedom and keep your baby happy. You will be so grateful for your baby carrier on the rough days… and all moms have them.

The real question will be which one to get not whether to get one. You will want to evaluate your needs and wants and then choose the best one for you, your spouse and your baby. Keep in mind that they can be pricey. But no price is too high for your freedom and sanity! 

Just shop around and pick a great one. 

Here are 10 good reasons to buy a baby carrier.

  1. If your baby is fussy or needy.
  2. It provides a lot of physical contact and promotes bonding to wear your baby.
  3. If you have more than one child. (Unless you’re lucky enough to have a nanny).
  4. If you want to breastfeed. A baby carrier can be a great way to breastfeed in public or while trying to do other chores.
  5. If you have to do dishes or laundry. (Basically, if you don’t have a maid!)
  6. If you have to cook. (You don’t have a chef, do you?”
  7. If you enjoy walks through the mall or neighborhood. You can, of course, use a stroller as well. But sometimes baby just needs or wants you to hold them.
  8. You will be so grateful to have a baby carrier when your baby is up all night demanding to be held, rocked or walked up and down the hall.
  9. If your baby enjoys being up high and able to see things then he or she will love facing outward on your chest or riding on your back so that they can have a great view of the world around them.
  10. You will go crazy without one. Period. They are a necessity…. Like diapers and bottles.

At the end of the day, you will be so happy to have yours and make sure it’s the best baby carrier for you. Your baby will love it and it will keep you from losing your mind on the days (and there will be many) that you are afraid that you will. Babies are demanding, needy and don’t care what you have going on. They don’t ask if you are busy or wonder if you need some time to yourself. They make their needs known by crying and whining. If you want the chance to get anything done without listening to a screaming baby then a baby carrier will save your life…probably daily.