Why You Should Consider a Baby Carrier for a Disabled Infants

  • a couple of years ago
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From the moment you find out you are expecting a baby, the main thing you want is a healthy baby. However, this isn’t always the case. Millions of children are born with disabilities yearly. Right from the beginning parents and their disabled children face many hurdles and struggles to obtain quality of life. Depending on the child’s disability, certain aspects of the world will be harder for them.

Parents strive to provide the most out of life for their children. Many parents feel like they can’t do the normal baby things, like carrying them around in carriers, for fear that something might go wrong. This fear can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to dictate your life. In fact, recent studies have shown that disabled children that are carried in baby carriers have benefitted in cognitive development as well as behavioral and emotional development.

The Benefits of Allowing Your Disabled Child to Be Carried

Sensory Processing, and Integration

Children with special needs have a higher risk of suffering from some type of sensory processing disorder. These disorders make it hard for children to understand the world around them. It leads to smells being too overpowering, noises being too loud, and leads to an abhorrence to touch. Kids that experience sensory overload have meltdowns. Parents use baby carriers to introduce their children to sensory experiences in moderation. This act allows them time to learn to adjust. The goal is to be able to go out into their surroundings, with their parents and experience the sensory input. Children that experienced sensory stimulation through baby carrying were more successful integrating the experience.


Children with physical disabilities have a reduced range that they can experience the world. Baby carriers can provide some of the stimulation that these kids need. For a child that can’t walk, being carried in a baby carrier can imitate the sensation of walking.

Baby Carriers Solve the Needing an Extra Pair of Arms Dilemma

Normal parents need an extra pair of arms, special needs parents could use 4 extra pairs. There is a lot of hands on care when it comes to children with disabilities. Parents that used the carriers were able to give their babies the attention that they needed without having to sacrifice the little things. Parents were able to get the housework done and other small chores without having to worry about their babies because they were right there at all times.

Close Monitoring: Special needs children have many medical problems and it isn’t unusual for their parents to feel overprotective and afraid to leave them alone. Baby carrying keeps your child close to you, so you are able to go through your day without experiencing the anxiety that comes with being their parent.