Welcome to Baby Carrier HQ, my website dedicated to talking about the best baby carrier for the best addition(s) to your family. Baby carriers are a fantastic way to transport your baby around all while keeping your hands free and keeping your baby secure against your body.

Learn about how important it is to select the right carrier. Finding the right fit for your baby and feel are all extremely important.

The truth is, they are an absolute must have for any new mom. Although you may not realize it yet, you will be carrying your baby a lot and your arms will get downright exhausted.

Some featured baby carriers we will discuss here:ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier – Perfect for Nursing and Bad WeatherBABYBJORN Baby Carrier MiracleBeco Baby Carrier Organic Gemini – The All in One CarrierBABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original – Great Support for a Small Child’s NeckBoba Wrap Baby Carrier – The Perfect and Inexpensive Carrier for Newborns Below 20 pounds

So what is the best baby carrier on the market?

Well, the answer for that question really depends on your needs because there are lots of reasons that people need or want a baby carrier and they should all contribute to your decision making.

Some baby carriers are better suited for newborns, while others are best for older babies. Some are specifically designed for hiking or long walks while others are more suitable for household activities.

Regardless, there is a baby carrier out there that is perfect for you and our baby carrier reviews will aid you in finding it.

How to Choose the Best Baby Carrier

Choosing the best baby carrier will not be a one size fits all solution. Some will be perfect for others but just not for you. The real point is to find something that will work for you and your baby.

As a matter of fact, you may also want to wait until after the baby is born to choose because you will be able to factor in their preferences, as well.

For a quick scan, here is a table of the best selling baby carriers are right now on Amazon. In the following section, I’m going to review the top 5 baby carriers available in the market today.

And, if you are looking for a brand specific baby carrier, check out the links on the menu section (above) or the sidebar on the right, we have covered reviews of the best-selling carriers of the most popular carrier companies.


Reviews of Top 5 Baby Carriers

ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier – Perfect for Nursing and Bad Weather

ergo baby carrier

As the name suggests, this Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier is made with ergonomics in mind.

It has soft, padded shoulder straps and a back support to keep your spine from feeling the stress of carrying your little one.

The weight of your child will be distributed evenly between your hips and your shoulders. And, just so everyone is feeling great, your child will be sitting in a natural, comfortable position, as well.

The Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier is so great because you can position your baby on your front, back or even side so that you can choose whichever position that they prefer or that will suit your particular activity.

For example, they may wish to be snuggled in close to your chest while napping as you walk the mall but prefer to be on your back where they can see the action at a festival.

There is also an infant insert for newborns so that they will fit snugly and comfortably. You can purchase this separately. Included with the carrier, however, is a hood to snap up over the baby’s head.

The Ergobaby original baby carrier comes in handy for nursing, bad weather or if the baby is simply napping. It is constructed of durable fabric and even incorporates a little pocket up front for your change, chap stick or other small necessities.

Cons of Ergobaby Original

It is a bit expensive. However, it is a great value for the multitude of uses it has and is a lot cheaper than a chiropractic visit every week for an “out of whack” back.

This baby carrier is worth the price and you can find it See current price on Amazon.com

You can also check out the full review of this amazing baby carrier here.

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle

BabyBjorn Carrier

The Babybjorn Baby Carrier Miracle is a great product and would surely be a great addition to any Mom’s “bag of tricks.”

If you are pregnant you may not know it yet but you will need many little “tricks” up your sleeve to keep baby happy, calm and comfortable. This is definitely a product which could be one of them.

You will not be disappointed by the comfort that this carrier provides for both you and baby.

The Babybjorn Baby Carrier Miracle has a waist support which, like the Ergo carriers, distributes weight and creates balance in the body. This keeps your neck, shoulders or back from taking on too much stress.

The carrier can be used to carry the baby on your chest or back and you can face the baby outward while carrying it on your chest. This is one advantage that it does have over the Ergo carriers.

It comes in two fabrics: cotton and a more breathable mesh.

If you live in a hot or humid climate or plan to use this carrier outside a lot then the mesh may be your best bet. It comes in three attractive, gender neutral colors. This is great because it can be used for more than one child. It is also very easy to adjust as your child grows or if you wish to move them from your front to your back.

In short, there are really so many wonderful things about this carrier.

If you want to read what others are saying about the babybjorn baby carrier miracle, read customer reviews and see price here.

It is, like the Ergo, expensive… but a great carrier is SO worth the money, in most moms’ opinions. If you are thinking of buying this carrier to provide comfort for your children, check out on.

Here is the more detailed and long review on the babybjorn baby carrier miracle.

Beco Baby Carrier Organic Gemini – The All in One Carrier

beco gemini baby carrier

The Beco Ge​​​​mini is definitely one of the best baby carriers on the market. It has some great features and is ultra-versatile. As with the Ergobaby and the BabyBjorn Miracle, it has a waist support for maximum comfort and weight distribution.

The Beco Baby Carrier Organic Gemini also has the ability to put the baby in all of the positions that either of the other two can. That means: side, chest facing chest, chest facing out AND back. The criss-cross design on the back/shoulders is easy for some people to manage than the buckles across the back on some other carriers, as well.

Anyone who has “worn” a baby knows that easy “on and off” are quite key. It also comes in lots of really cool designs and colors. It really has something to offer for every mom… and baby.

The Beco Gemini is a fabulous choice for someone looking for as much versatility as possible for their baby carrying needs. If you plan to use yours often, go many places and do many things with it then this carrier is the one for you.

It is also great if you enjoy showing a bit of your personality with your baby products. From camo to flowers and everything in between, this carrier comes in a design for every style.

This is a great carrier that will certainly be a favorite product of yours and your child’s.

For reviews of other customers about the exact same baby carrier, you can read the reviews here.

A concern with mentioning is:

  • Some people find the buckles difficult to manage. However, this seems like something that would be easy to overcome with practice.

Overall the Beco Gemini does a good job for the price and I’m sure it will surely be one of your favorite babywearing products, this item can be found available in Amazon for an affordable price until the stock lasts.

If you want a more detailed and extended product review of the Beco Gemini, then click at the following link here.

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original – Great Support for a Small Child’s Neck

babybjorn original

This classic and well-known carrier has a lot to offer. It comes in lots of great colors and in both cotton and mesh materials.

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original is also designed to support a small child’s neck, head and spine appropriately. It is very well suited for newborns and small babies and will hold up over time as it is extremely durable and well-made.

You have the choice between carrying your baby inward toward your chest or outward toward the world. This is great because, just as with adults, different babies want different things at different times. A nap may call for inward positioning while a walk through the neighborhood may require the outward facing option.

They also have some pretty great accessories to consider when purchasing this carrier.

They have a bib which can be attached to the carrier to catch spit up and also a cover so that you may cover the baby’s head in bad weather or if it is sleeping or agitated. These accessories give you the option to make this carrier even better.

The price tag on this carrier is also really great in comparison to some of the other best baby carriers on the market.

It’s substantially cheaper but it’s by no means a “cheap” product and is certainly a well-made, high-end baby product. Babybjorn is a very trusted brand and this style that has been in use for many years. Click here to see what other customers are saying about the babybjorn baby carrier original.

A Few Things You May Want to Consider:

  1. It cannot be used for back carrying. However, this may not even be something that you are interested in.
  2. There is no pocket or area to keep things so you will have to carry a bag of some kind for your coins, phone, etc.

Despite the cons which I believe they aren’t that big of a deal, buying this carrier might be a smart move since the carrier is one the cheapest but still keeps maintaining a good quality. Great baby carrier and you can View current prices here.

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier – The Perfect and Inexpensive Carrier for Newborns Below 20 pounds

Boba baby wrap

The Boba Baby Wrap is free of buckles, straps or snaps and is easy to take on and off! You merely tie the material snug against your body.

The stretchy fabric allows for a perfect fit every time. It can be washed and dried and will fold down into a diaper bag or suitcase as conveniently as a shirt or pair of pants. It is supportive to the baby’s hips and spine.

This ergonomic design is extremely important for the baby. For you, there is a 2 shoulder design so that you are equally distributing the baby’s weight. You can also wear your baby in five different positions.

This carrier is relatively inexpensive and has a lot to offer. It is easy to use and doesn’t require hours of practice. You can also wrap it around yourself, get it all set up and then put the baby in. This is because it is made of a spandex knit which stretches and gives.

The fabric is very nice and this carrier is comparable to a Moby wrap but much less expensive. This wrap is also really well suited to small babies. Mothers of preemies will be thrilled with it.

It is also very comfortable, warm and snug. You can wear your baby for hours without experiencing back pain or other issues. It is designed for maximum comfort for both mother and baby.

You can check the current price and customer ratings on Amazon.

A Couple of Things to Consider:

  • This wrap is not really suitable for very large babies. It is not a carrier that you can use until your child is a toddler but it is great for newborns and small babies under 20 pounds or so.
  • The fabric is a knit spandex blend and is great for keeping baby warm and cozy. If you live in an extremely hot or humid climate this may be a bit warm for your liking. However, it is certainly not going to be miserably hot.

Overall, however, this wrap is really wonderful, high quality and easy to use. It is a great, budget-friendly alternative to the Moby wrap and much simpler to figure out. All baby carriers require a bit of a learning process but this one is particularly quick to get on and off and fun to us.

The top 5 baby carriers reviews above aren’t technically the best because it’s subjective. However, they fall in different categories and can be a good fit for you. If none of the baby carriers reviewed here are not of your choices, below we have written comprehensive reviews of baby carriers from top 5 most popular brands in the babywearing industry.

I hope you can have a much wider choice in order to choose what baby carrier works best for your needs.

Popular Brands of Baby Carriers

On this site you will find reviews of baby carriers of the following top brands:

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Advantages of Using Baby Carriers

The advantages of using a baby carrier are pretty intuitive. It is not only a great way to carry your baby but also a great way to minimize the items you need to pack for an outing with baby.

For example, packing up a carrier is far easier than folding down and loading up a stroller. It is also far less cumbersome while shopping, enjoying a party or taking a walk.

You can walk freely without feeling impeded by a stroller or wagon and can enjoy the physical contact with your baby. The skin to skin contact with your baby that you will experience while using a carrier is also extremely important.

Any doctor or development expert will tell you that babies bond with their parents best when they are held often and for long periods of time as infants. That physical contact and touch is an absolute “must” for infants and will help them develop and grow as well as feel secure.


These baby carrier reviews were meant to give you the information that you needed so that you could make the best decision for you and your baby.

There is no one perfect baby carrier for everyone. There are many “best baby carriers.” It all depends on what you need or want from the carrier.

If you have not purchased a baby carrier yet, then you do need to! They are an invaluable tool to any mother… or father. Just take your time and carefully pick which one you think will best suit you and baby. Once you do, get ready to be able to walk, run, do chores, eat your dinner and enjoy your life all with baby snugly beside you.